Tick Tock

I was journalling today something about hearts that I wanted to share.. hearts… hearts… oh yes, the heart is a muscle! And like all muscles it gets stronger with use. And as you know, to build muscle you have to tear down muscle, and it rebuilds stronger, bigger.

So it is with the heart, the figurative heart. The heart we love and grieve with. That one. The temptation (for me) is to protect my heart to the point it takes no risks. No risk means no pain.

Tut tut, Alice, this is not good, nor is it living.

Our hearts will break. Our hearts will rebuild. Thus it is with hearts. And most importantly, in Junior Asparagus’s words, “I know whatever’s gonna happen, that God can handle it.” And he can. And he will. We only have to live, and love, one day at a time.

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