Morning Thoughts with Alice, #16

I have in my possession a book series that I’ve carried around with me for a long time. I have the vague feeling these were my sister’s books, and somehow came to me. I also remember that I have intended to read them for quite a while.

So guess what! I’m getting rid of them! Just kidding. I started the first one last night.

This series by Hannah Hurnard begins with Hinds’ Feet On High Places. There are eight books packaged together in one wrap-around jacket. I’m not sure if the books relate to each other, or if each is a stand alone devotional/allegory type thing. That’s what makes it fun.

Last night I settled down and began Hinds’ Feet On High Places. A pastor friend of mine will sometimes jokingly say in an exaggerated southern accent, “Now you’ve gone from preachin’ to meddlin’.” First paragraph and she’s already stepping on my toes.

Check out the names of these characters: Our protagonist is Much-Afraid. She lives in the Valley of Humiliation. And though she is in the service of the Chief Shepherd and lives in a little white cottage with fellow workers Mercy and Peace, the cottage is in the village of Much-Trembling and she is still a member of the Family of Fearings.

This family has members with names like Mrs. Dismal Forebodings, Gloomy, Spiteful, and Craven Fear (a cousin who she is told she must marry).

Ahem. Mrs. Dismal Forebodings? I saw myself in that name immediately. You’ve gone from preachin’ to meddlin’.

Actually I’m really looking forward to this series. Most likely many of my friends have already read it – maybe when they were pre-teens. I may be a little late to the party, but I think I’m going to enjoy it. In a redeemed ouchy kind of way.


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