Morning Thoughts with Alice, #14

There is a song I like by Laura Hackett Park that moves into the phrase “sometimes you gotta sing your way into the truth.” I’ll add that sometimes for me, I gotta write my way into the truth. Change that “sometimes” to “often.” (case in point, I’m doing it at this very moment)

And do you know what else? I’ve found that I gotta breathe my way into the calm.

A friend suggested I write about my favorite yoga pose. Is breathing a pose? If so, then breathing. Breathing is my FAVORITE yoga pose. Deep breaths, slow breaths, counting breaths, just hearing ourselves breathe brings calm and focus to our minds and bodies. As Claire Weekes says in Hope and Help for Your Nerves, we carry around with us the cure.

This is a gift of God. I’m grateful.

I know that not all things can be cured by our stopping to hear ourselves breathe. But many things are helped.

I want to breathe more.

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