Morning Thoughts with Alice, #13

I like clear boundaries. I like to know exactly where the lines are. I feel freer knowing at what point I’m “in” and at what point I’m “out.”

I don’t know where the property lines are at our new house.

We didn’t have the property surveyed when we purchased it. We knew it was “somewhere around here” and “somewhere around there” but not exactly. It didn’t seem important at the time.

But now I want to know exactly what is ours. I want to know exactly how far up that side bank I can plant my flower beds. And without knowing that, I don’t want to plant at all.

Thankfully, we will be getting the property surveyed at some time, but we’re going to wait until we sell the old property. This is a compromise my husband and I came to, and I’m happy about it.

And honestly, I think something good has come from me having to wait a little. For one it’s keeping me from impulse planting and forcing me to actually do some planning. I had a friend over the other day and she asked if I was going to map things out on paper and do some measurements, or was I going to just do it the Alice Way. She knows me pretty well.

I’ll likely be doing a bit of both! I won’t be mapping the yard out in detail… although a doodle or two wouldn’t hurt. I’m having so much fun looking at gardening magazines (the real ones, with actual shiny pages) and looking on line and researching different plants. I’m getting some great ideas about slope gardens.

So until I know where I end and someone else begins, most of the gardening I’ll be doing will be in my head. Although there are the flower beds that will go around the foundation of the house itself. I know exactly what I own there – everything that touches the house! And I have north, south, east, and west to play with. This is going to be fun.

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