Morning Thoughts with Alice, #12

In keeping with yesterday’s theme (smells), today I will list my top 10 most un-enjoyed smells. These aren’t the common smells that most people don’t like – things like poop and barf and rotting garbage. These are just regular things I prefer not to smell when given the chance and an exit.

So here is list of the top 10 things I don’t like to smell that may not bother other people: Yucky Smells

1. Curry. I imagine this is what poison smells like.

2. Bradford Pear Blooms. Speaking of rotting garbage.

3. Old Books. Oh my gosh, old books stink! What putrid glue is holding them together? Stanky.

4. Microwavable Popcorn with Extra Movie Theater Butter. That’s not butter I smell.

5. Clothes Hung Outdoors on the Line. I think I am supposed to like the smell of clothes that have dried outdoors. But I don’t. They don’t smell April fresh at all to me. They smell kind of sad, and discarded.

6. Metal Hand Rails. Have you ever smelled your hand after using a public hand rail? It’s as if metal + skin = rotting flesh-metal. Hey, that would be hand rust! Anyway, I think Hemingway mentioned this in For Whom the Bell Tolls. But I’m not going to fact check that right now.

7. Sheets That Have Been Stored in the Cupboard. Maybe nobody else likes this either. It seems impossible to find a sheet that I like the smell of, unless it has come right out of the dryer.

8. I like the smell of newspaper print. This doesn’t fit the theme of the list, but I just remembered it and didn’t mention it in yesterday’s list of smells I like. Newspaper is also good to sniff if you are suffering from nausea.

9. Musk Perfume. I love hate musky-type perfumes. It reminds me of a perfume my mom used to wear (which is nice), but it’s not a particularly pleasant smell.

10. Burnt Toast. I know that in yesterday’s list I said I like the smell of different kinds of smoke, but I do not like the smell of burning bread. And burnt popcorn. Those are probably very common but I couldn’t think of anything else – for which I am grateful. I’m glad I’m not bothered by very many common smells! Wouldn’t that be miserable.

And you? What makes you hold your nose while others inhale deeply?

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