Morning Thoughts with Alice, #11

While looking for inspiration for today’s post, I came across a list of the best blog post ideas. And “list” was on the list. So list it is!

So here is a list of My Top 10 Favorite Smells Off the Top of My Head.

1. Marigolds. This is a sentimental smell, from my childhood in NY. Mom always grew marigolds. Love them.

2. Baked bread. Who doesn’t love that?? Weirdos, that’s who.

3. Lemons. Have you ever sniffed a lemon? When I was pregnant it was said to be a remedy for morning sickness. Not sure how well it worked, but the smell was divine.

4. Vinegar. I don’t know.. I just like it.

5. Gasoline. Again… I just do.

6. Jasmine. The real stuff, growing outside. Let’s put Honeysuckle in that list, too.

7. Coffee. This is a learned loved smell. I only love it now because I need it so much.

8. Campfires and Cigarettes. I love the smell of smoke, but only outdoors. Add pipes and cigars.

9. Old Spice. Yep.

10. Freshly Cut Grass. Clean, but heavy. It must remind me of summer

And there’s my top 10 smells! What are yours?

Hey, lists are fun!

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