Morning Thoughts with Alice, #9

Imagine that everybody is doing the best they can. That’s a paraphrase of a quote I read on Facebook a few weeks ago. I believe it was from Brene’ Brown. Or rather, her husband. His point being that maybe someone is doing their best or maybe someone isn’t, but it makes us kinder when we assume they are.

I think there is real truth behind this thought. The truth isn’t that we are always trying as hard as we can, but that we are always trying as hard as we can given our failings, within our limits.

For example, maybe I’m a slothful person and I really don’t like to clean my car. Left to myself, my car will be messy. This is the best I can do, left to myself. Now add something to the equation: A push. Maybe the push is that I’m going to be giving someone a ride, so I want it cleaned. Or that I no longer like the smell, so I want it cleaned. Or I’ve lost something important, so I want it cleaned. The push is necessary for the job to get done.

Or maybe the push is a new love in someone’s life? I’ve heard many people say that without having someone dependent on them, they have very little motivation to work. Maybe “motivators” is the better word than “pushers.”

Anyway, I like this idea. We all need motivators and we all need to be motivators. No, we can never “make” someone do something, but we can help. Encouragement is not an extra for us, encouragement is a necessity.

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