Morning Thoughts with Alice, #8

I said I would blog every day in January, so here I am.

Some mornings are less pleasant than others. This morning is less pleasant. The body is unhappy. The mind is unhappy. But the sun still rises and coffee helps.

But what has really helped me this morning are the words I read in the devotional A Spectacle of Glory by Joni Eareckson Tada. In truth, this book has helped me every morning since I started it in December. Here’s what I read today (February 14th page, sorry for the spoiler if you started it in January!):

“For all the many times Paul was distressed by his weakness, he had the supporting grace of Christ. He kept saying over and over, “God’s grace is sufficient for me.” In fact, divine power finds its full scope and strength only in human weakness.”
Both exasperating frailty and great power existed simultaneously in Paul’s life. That’s because grace always, always meets us at our point of pain!”

I’m ready to meet God’s grace today! How about you?

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