I don’t know, do you?

Where do our memories go
When we die?
Do they go with us,
Or are we done with them?
I wish I could give mine
To someone to hold
In case one might be needed.

But then
I guess
It wouldn’t be theirs
But only a story once told.
The things we remember are shared, perhaps
But once gone
Can’t be recycled.

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3 Responses to I don’t know, do you?

  1. lis says:

    Clearly you need of a pensieve.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “I wish I could give mine to someone to hold”. Me too, Alice.

  3. jenpedwards says:

    I write them. My journals are my pensieve. I have a dear childhood friend with whom I have an agreement. When she dies, I get all her journals. When I die, she gets mine. Of course we are planning on dying on the exact same date. 😜

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