Name that tune

I decided a little while ago to print the last five Psalms and read them together every morning.  I don’t know why.  I just did.  I found out these are called The Hallelujah Psalms.  And I figured out why!  You read, “Praise the LORD” a lot.

Like my friend who goes on morning walks and discovers something new every morning, even though she takes the same path, I am finding something new every morning.  I would love to have these psalms locked into my memory, so that where ever I am and I can bring to mind those treasures of God’s love, power, and mercy.  But since I stink at memorizing stuff, I’ll have to count on the Holy Spirit to bring these things to mind.

Sure, I’ll do my part to try to learn them by doing things like faithfully reading them every morning, reading them OUT LOUD, so I can hear them as well as read them… any other ideas?  Oh!  I should sing them!  Great idea!  I’ll need to either find a tune to put the words to, or come up with my own rambling song… hmm… “Found a Peanut” is my go-to tune for memorizing stuff… but that seems a bit to bouncy.  Suggestions?

There is one phrase that has already been locked into my memory (Oh, Lord, please let it stay!).  It’s “….whose hope is in his unfailing love.”  I’ve paraphrased it to the prayer, “My hope is in your unfailing love.”

My hope is in his unfailing love.  Oh my goodness, that says everything.  I’m waiting for a child to come home from work or school and the weather is bad, “My hope is in your unfailing love.”  My health does another “guess what you’ve got now!” game, “My hope is in your unfailing love.” Upcoming election? Etc Etc Etc.

My hope is in the character of my loving Heavenly Father.  My hope is not in my children never having pain or suffering. My hope is not in having a body without sickness on this earth.  My hope is in his unfailing love.  He will “carry me through and carry me to. “

Why?  Because of his unfailing love.

Unfailing.  That’s good stuff.

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4 Responses to Name that tune

  1. Writing them out is another way to help memorize them. I love the idea of putting them to a tune. I wonder what tune David would have used?

  2. postalice says:

    Faye, wouldn’t it be great to know!

  3. jenpedwards says:

    I have wanted for many years, but never have done it, to create stringed banners around my house with scripture phrases like this! You know, those triangles connected by a string. Each triangle could have a word on it. OR … You could embroider the phrase and hang the embroidered pieces up in your house or fly then like a flag! I love this Alice! 💗

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