Patience, patient

I think I’m learning patience.  A little bit anyway.

The doctors are still testing and waiting, testing and waiting. I’m still getting poked, spending money, and waiting….
I went to the dentist about the tooth pain I was having. I went when my regular guy (whom I love) was on vacation and saw the new guy. Didn’t like the new guy so much, maybe he has a lot to learn yet. Anyway, he took x-rays and then said I have a cyst down by the root and we’ll follow it.  Three weeks later it was bothering me even more, so I decided to see my regular guy (whom I love), he took more x-rays and proclaimed the tooth healthy and said, that’s no cyst, but I don’t know what it is.  He said he suspects trigeminal neuralgia. (Look it up, it’s interesting.)  He then sent me to an endodontist (2 days later, so that’s nice). Endo took more x-rays and said, “beats me” and is sending me to an oral surgeon (in 1 week, so that’s nice).  Meanwhile, I looked up images on line, and the mysterious thing on my x-ray looks like the nerve opening on your chin (mental foramen) so I’m pretty sure my nerves are just inflamed for some reason, as are many of the other nerves in my body. But why? Why are they inflamed? THAT, is the question with no current answer. (And, if I can find an image online that matches my x-ray, why can’t the dentists?  But that’s for another blog post.)
My point here is that there is a process to these things. I did mention the chin/tooth pain to my rheumatologist when I first saw her about 2 months ago and she said, “it’s your tooth,” and she had bigger fish to fry at those first two appointments with me. So I did due diligence and saw my dentist, the new guy… you know the rest of the story.  I’ll likely end up back at her office with a piece of paper from my dentist(s) that says, “not the tooth” and she’ll go from there.  We eliminate the obvious and see where that leaves us.
So, where that leaves me is realizing that all these things take time. Blood work is often (30%) inclusive, so they have to wait for more things to happen. Well, more things are happening. I’ll spare you the list.  
Ha!  Of course I won’t – add mouth sores and swollen tongue to the list – my List of 18 Woes, which is now more like 23 woes. Again, nothing debilitating, but everything a little ouchy and not right.
Maybe the anti-inflammatory and nerve quieting meds I’m on just haven’t had a chance to do their thing yet.  It’s not been two months yet. And these things take time. Everything takes time. Everything takes time…
And so I’m learning patience. And if you’ve read this whole thing, you are learning patience, too. We are going to be some seriously patient people by the time this all gets sorted out.  😉

Love you. Mean it.

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One Response to Patience, patient

  1. jenpedwards says:

    Ugh, Alice! This is crazy!! I’m so so sorry you are experiencing this! Whoa. I will pray. For healing. For answers. For more patience. Ugh.😢

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