A passel of people

I had the privilege (and duty) of celebrating my folks’ 60th wedding anniversary last weekend. It really was a privilege.  And a duty.  But mostly privilege.

It was a busy time of eating, talking, chasing babies, eating, talking, chasing babies.  Mobile’s weather was mercifully “cool” and nobody got sick.  As far as I know.   Then the long drive home, and a few days to recover.  And now reflect.

And here’s what I’ve been reflectin’on.  When I think back to that sea of bodies in my folks’ house, the chatter, the sweetness, the newlyweds, the new families, the oldyweds… wow.  I am thankful for each one of them. It is good to get together.

Now to be honest, I was overwhelmed at first.  My sister had given my dad a refresher course on what to do when he felt overwhelmed by noise and confusion – “Go in to your study and close the door until you want to come out.  No yelling at the babies!” (he’s old and grumpy sometimes.)  But my sister didn’t give me a crash course on what to do when I felt overwhelmed! And boy did I. But I figured it out.  It’s the same thing I do at home, or anywhere with an exit door – go walk around outside, and take pictures of stuff.  It worked.

So anyway, after finding my feet, this introvert thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.  I love that I have a big family.  And I love that they have to love me back.


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