Nine Week Workout Completed! Here’s the Dirty Lowdown…

I started the New Year tired. And flabby. Not so much flabby-overweight, but flabby-weak. No muscles to speak of. General weak blobbiness. Truth is, I’ve never had much muscle to begin with. And now it shows. And my hips… they’re… growing.

And so, realizing that I was a weak, flabby, and always tired almost 50 year old, I decided now is the time to do something drastic. If I’m always going to be exhausted, I might as well have something to show for it. So in this year of turning 50, I am going use my fatigue to my own benefit.

THATS-MY-secret-o0kyi6 (1)

At that same time a good friend was telling me about a workout she had done for nine weeks called Metabolic Aftershock. You workout strenuously for fifteen minutes, three times a week. That’s fifteen minutes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That’s it. That’s all.

I could do that.

My friend was planning to repeat the program and so I jumped on board.

In the video you have three people to follow, the beginner, the intermediate, and the advanced. I aspire to be the beginner. She was way ahead of me. But I did my best.

This type of program is great for people who hate working out. Like me. Plus, it’s built for people who quit things. Like me. In fact, you are encouraged to quit throughout the workout. “Push until you can’t, rest until you can.” So you push and push, squats and push ups and lunges, etc, then you say “Crap on it I quit!” and then in about 30 seconds you get your breath and you get back in there. And then you quit again. Etc.

Three times a week. Just fifteen minutes each workout.

During the first two weeks of working out I walked around the house mumbling, “I’m so tired,” most all the time. But I didn’t stop. I didn’t. If I was already tired, I worked out anyway. Why not? I was already tired! (See above meme).

I completed the nine week program last Friday. And what were my results?

At week six my weight was up so high I had to buy bigger jeans. I was encouraged by my doctor not to look at the scale because muscle weighs more than fat, blah blah blah. I was gaining muscle. But why wasn’t I losing fat, too? I’ve got some to spare.

Then at week eight my weight started dropping. At week nine it was holding steady. But then my weight has never been the issue. It’s inches and flabby fatigue I want to tackle.

So, how many inches have I lost in all?

Zero, that I can tell. BUT, the inches I have are firmer. And dang I am stronger. I am so much stronger. Did you know I can lift a full gallon of milk now without my arm shaking!? It’s awesome. I am The Hulk.

And the best part of all, my flat-on-my-face fatigue days are fewer and fewer. I think it’s been 2 1/2 weeks since I’ve had one. Awesome.

My conclusion: I’m stronger and my endurance is improved. I’m going to keep doing the program another nine weeks. It’s my plan to make this (or something like it) part of my life this entire year. That, with yoga (as soon as I’m done with P/T!), yard work, furniture painting, leisurely walks… should about do it to get me fit and more fatigue free. Lord willing.

Also, the creator of Metabolic Aftershock has some good things to say about post-menopausal weight loss. (Hint, reduce stress!) Good stuff on the website if you are interested (search the link above for more info).

Okey dokey then! I may post an after picture when/if there is any real change in my shape. We’ll see.

But even if my shape never changes, I am encouraged by how much better I feel. As the man says, “Push until you can’t, rest until you can!”

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One Response to Nine Week Workout Completed! Here’s the Dirty Lowdown…

  1. witchyluck says:

    Yay Al! I am impressed.

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