Your mother wears army boots

Workout, Baby! (that basketball announcer guy’s voice)

As you may already know, I can do a lot of hard things by putting a “stop date” to them. Thirty days of this, sixty days of that. A poem a day, no bread for a month, etc., etc.

A friend of mine challenged me to do a nine week exercise program with her. She’s already done it once and loves it so much she’s doing it again. Sold! This season’s stop date challenge is a physical challenge!

The program is a strenuous fifteen minute workout three times a week for nine weeks. And something about eating better, but I haven’t read the fine print yet.

So here I am, well into week two of nine. My butt is thoroughly kicked.

In my current condition (“sorry ass weakling”) I pay heavily for strenuous work. Stuff like talking, thinking, walking, are difficult when I’m recovering. It feels like I’m walking through mud in big heavy boots. Recovery takes anywhere from one afternoon to two days, depending. So I’m recovering most all of the time.

But! In the moments when I’m not exhausted, I feel strong. Really strong. That’s a new feeling for me. I like it. I’m counting on those moments growing.

Lord willing, I’m going to keep going with this and see it through for the whole nine weeks. I’m hoping that this program, plus my weekly yoga, will give me a better bag of bones. Or at least a better version of the one I’ve got now. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Meanwhile, do you have a short term or long term fitness goal? Let me know, I’d love to encourage you.


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5 Responses to Your mother wears army boots

  1. witchyluck says:

    Go Al-ice, go Al-ice, go Alice! (now you will hear me chanting in your head) teehee

  2. Jack Deater says:

    I started cycling, one city block at a time, three years ago after seeing myself (couch potato) loosing “tone”. It’s great to feel strong again. This past year I’ve suffered three crashes and am almost whole again. I can’t wait for spring!!! Now, at 60, I’ve decided to do some actual training so I can compete (age relevant category, of course)… Also, after adding new clipless pedals to my bike, I’ve found a whole new set of muscles in my legs. Ha! Know the feeling of recovering!!! It’s been rough but, soooo worth it. Never felt better, except for the bruises and scrapes. 9 weeks? You’ll do fine! You’ll feel amazing!!!

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