Somewhere besides here.

Happy New Year, blog. Good to know ya.

I’ve been thinking that I need to do more writing than I’ve been doing. I know what my block has been. Well, one block is that I’m afraid I’m repeating myself or repeating what I’ve recently read that someone else has written. Like this. I feel like I’ve written these very words before. I may have. But does that mean I shouldn’t write them again if they are still true?

Good question, Alice.

Thank you, Alice.

Fear of something. It used to be fear of sounding stupid or saying something wrong, or saying too much. Now it’s fear of saying the same thing I just said, or somebody else just said.

It could happen.

Why not just accept that it will happen. I will do that.

Okay, what then? Don’t write because You Can’t Remember Shit?

Well, that’s one option.

The other is to write anyway. Why? Because –

1) I may take it a little deeper this time
2) A new reader might be reading who hasn’t read it before
3) It is good for me to write, clears my mind and makes me happy
4) What I’m writing may still be true

Any other reasons? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I’ll just keep repeating these.

Well, one thing I do know, as soon as I publish this it will immediately feel so familiar to me that I could swear I just read it somewhere. Somewhere besides here.

So be it.

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One Response to Somewhere besides here.

  1. jenpedwards says:

    I so identify with this Alice! I tend to combat it with number 3, then number 2, number 1, and last number 4. But I also say to myself: well, perhaps my own rambling about the same things I tend to come back around to will actually encourage someone else that it is totally normal to come back around to the same things over and over again! Ha! Glad you wrote this. Seems to me like the first time I’ve ever read it!😃

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