“Medical Ramblings” or “At Least We Had September”

Feel free to ignore. But since you’re here..

I can eat pizza now. And sandwiches. I couldn’t eat pizza or sandwiches before my surgery. But I can now. Eating bread used to make me feel like I had a brick in my stomach. Not anymore. I have a theory.

Two weeks ago, while performing my hysterectomy, etc., my surgeon found that I had a significant amount of scar tissue on my organs, which he said he “cleaned up.” So at the current moment I do not have scar tissue holding down, covering, binding, pushing, pinching, or doing any other mischief to my innards.

Could it be that my supposed gluten intolerance was simply the inability of my stomach and other digestive parts to expand as needed to process bread? With the scar tissue removed, is it as if my stomach has been un-stapled, so to speak?

Could it be? Is this a thing?

Time will tell, I suppose. I ate a large amount of pizza the other day. Okay, I ate half a pizza the other day. I was anticipating a huge stomach ache (I was already miserable so why not?). But it never happened. Stomach ache never happened. Happy surprise. The next day I followed up this anomaly with a sandwich. Again, no stomach ache. Hmmm….

How long will this new bread tolerating status last? Will the scar tissue return? Will it bring with it the inability to eat bread?

I don’t know.

Part of me wants to attack bread and pizza with gusto because this could all end tomorrow. Another part of me realizes that with great pizza comes great calories. An “un-stapling” of my stomach could mean hello plus-size shopping.

So, we’ll see. I am opening the menu to gluten! And if it turns out to be a fluke and I’m never able to eat pizza again, well, I can say I enjoyed one final fling. And it was glorious.

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One Response to “Medical Ramblings” or “At Least We Had September”

  1. jenpedwards says:

    Yahoo!! I hope it stays this way!!

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