Ouchy boo-boos and Almighty God

Does God care about sick people?

I wondered this the other day when I was praying for some of my friends who are healing from illnesses. I wondered it when I thought about the friend whose son God didn’t heal. And I wondered it when I thought about myself. Sometimes God heals, sometimes he doesn’t. Does God even care if we’re sick?

He does care… doesn’t he?

My thoughts were then turned to Palestine, 2000 years ago. Jesus, healing and healing and healing, the walking M.A.S.H. unit, as they say. And always choppers.

And Jesus didn’t just heal the cool people, but the unclean and ostracized as well. Can you think of one instance in Scripture where Jesus did NOT heal somebody who asked for healing? I can’t.

Which left me with this thought, “If Jesus were here, he would heal me.”

If Jesus stood before me, or walked past me and I snuck up on him and touched him, he would heal me. He would heal all of us. We would be in the mob, reaching to touch him.

Jesus cared about sick people. And if Jesus is the image of the invisible God and he and the Father are one … then yes! If Jesus cared about sick people then God cares about sick people!

God cares about sick people.

But God doesn’t heal everybody of every illness, does he? Those people that Jesus healed 2000 years ago all eventually died of something. This is part of the brokenness of life on earth post Fall of Man, pre Return of Jesus. We get sick and eventually, we all die.

And THIS is exactly why Jesus came to earth. To save us. To save all of who we are. He came to save us from the fallen, broken state of our bodies, to save us from an eternity without the God our souls crave, and everything else we need saving from. Complete healing in every way.

On this side of heaven, as they say, we still have pain, we still sin, we still grieve, we still feel far away from God. But, God in his mercy has sent us his Spirit, who Jesus often called the Comforter. We are not left without God’s comfort.

Because God cares about sick people.

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One Response to Ouchy boo-boos and Almighty God

  1. jenpedwards says:

    He really does care about sick people. Take it from this one here. 😉

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