One month before surgery – A to-do List

Since we’re all friends (or complete strangers) here I thought I would talk openly about my upcoming surgery. And since an obscure blog is easier to ignore than a Facebook post – this must be the place! Plus, I process stuff by writing about it, so… yeah…

Okay, one month before surgery. First, about the surgery. I have a mass on my left ovary that they believe to be benign, but because of the size and trouble it’s causing me (searing pain during the month), it’s gotta go. Since they suspect it’s the kind of thing that likes to affect both ovaries if it affects one, they’ll take both out. And since my doctor doesn’t like to leave a lone uterus – out she goes, too. Oh, and while they’re there they’ll do a little bladder makeover. That’s what they are planning.

The doctor also said that if the mass is on some other organs, like my colon, they’ll call in another surgeon and take it from there. It is my prayer that this is not the case.

Anywho! I’ve got a month and a few days until the blessed event, so I want to make good use of the time.

This week I am going on vacation with my husband. Awesome use of time!

After that, well… let’s see… it would be good to have a meal or two in the freezer, I can clean the house to make it company ready. Which leads me to the other big event. My daughter’s wedding reception is in less than one month! I will absolutely be busy gathering things for the event and getting the house ready for guests. Also, two of the boys will be going back to school – one, his first year at college (local, thankfully!) and the other a junior in high school.

Wow. How could I have possibly thought I wouldn’t have anything to do but worry before September 9th? I’ve got plenty of good things to occupy my mind and hands! I am very grateful.

And thank you for reading. I’m sure I’ll be processing more in the days to come. Ignore at will!

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2 Responses to One month before surgery – A to-do List

  1. Anna Meade says:

    Wow! That is huge stuff!! Praying for you.

  2. postalice says:

    Update: I’m putting off the bladder sling until I’m miserable enough to get a bladder sling. Which isn’t now! One thing at a time….

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