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Sine nomine

I’m preparing my art journal for art to come. I have some expected couch time ahead and I had thought about learning to knit or crochet, but I remembered that that requires counting. I’m against counting. So to prepare my … Continue reading

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What are the odds? Well, they’re all the same to me – It’s either yes or no positive or negative on or off. There is no 75 percent chance or 95 percent chance or .0000001 percent chance. It either is … Continue reading

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Ouchy boo-boos and Almighty God

Does God care about sick people? I wondered this the other day when I was praying for some of my friends who are healing from illnesses. I wondered it when I thought about the friend whose son God didn’t heal. … Continue reading

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One month before surgery – A to-do List

Since we’re all friends (or complete strangers) here I thought I would talk openly about my upcoming surgery. And since an obscure blog is easier to ignore than a Facebook post – this must be the place! Plus, I process … Continue reading

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August’s Autumn

First go the birch leaves What goes second? I don’t think I notice I don’t think it matters my mind turns toward the end of things once the birch leaves go

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And the magazines look germy.

You know that feeling you get when your waiter takes forever to return? Did they go home? Or when you’re in the examination room and five minutes becomes fifteen minutes? I have been known to stick my head out of … Continue reading

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