A dog named Pancake got loose yesterday and found it’s way to our yard. I could tell he “got loose” because he was trailing a leash behind him. Funniest looking dog – he was a St. Bernard that had just gotten his summer hair cut. All head, scrawny body. My son went to the yard he saw the dog come from to ask if it was theirs. Meanwhile, I was trying to lure it with a zipper bag of cat food, but nose to the ground, he would have none of it. He explored our garage and nosed his way to the blue house next door. I followed, feeling a bit like a trespasser, calling to the dog and shouting a few hellos in the direction of my neighbor’s back porch. They came out and helped corral the dog. My son, with the owner limping behind him, arrived in the backyard. And Pancake went home.

I had a stomach ache yesterday afternoon. It lasted until the middle of the night. Which means I went to be without my supper. I know my stomach issues are some of the most fascinating things about me, but I’ll spare you the details this time. Only I had eaten several “naughty” foods yesterday… waffles, a granola bar, peanuts, coffee, … I have been feeling so good lately that I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the naughty list. I should lean heavy on the protein, fruit, veggies, and leave the grains alone. Okay, okay, I’ll pay attention again.

I woke up hungry this morning. While making the coffee I looked out of the window and thought about Pancake. What a great name for a dog. I’ll be having eggs for breakfast.


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