Let the good times roll.

Strangest thing. I’m taking a 30 day break from posting on Facebook (posting doesn’t mean lurking, btw), and on day two I’ve got things to say. Not status update things, but longer things. Thoughts, I think they’re called.

And so here I am with all these jumbled rumpled thoughts and here is my blog just sitting here doing nothing… so I reckon I’ll set them down here and do a little ironing. It’s almost like that’s what a blog is for….

I’ll begin.

I love the book I’m reading. It’s called The Book of Bebb and it’s by Frederick Buechner. I get him, I get him, good golly I get him. I don’t get all his references – he writes a bit above me in that regard, but I get the soul of the book. I think I do… I feel it anyway. Whether I am feeling what he intended me to feel, who’ll know? But reading his narrative gives me that ache/joy for life that makes my whole self say “Yes, that is how it is.” Good stuff. Hats off to ya, Buechner.

Well, the ole hubby is home, time to take the chicken nuggets out of the oven because you cook if you want something else. Later!

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One Response to Let the good times roll.

  1. Anna Meade says:

    How do you lurk without liking? You are a woman of willpower! 🙂

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