I will take the Ring of Anxiety to Mordor. Though… I do not know the way.

Calm, cool, and collected. Lauren Bacall. Eowyn. Galadriel. One tall, cool drink of water. Yeah, that’s me. That’s totally me.

Except when I’m not. Then I’m more like Gladys Kravitz, Piglet, or The Panicky Guy.

But usually, I’m emotionally average. Delightfully average, I like to think.

But lately, after a few hardships, I noticed that I was stuck in a panicky mode. I would try to tell my body to chill. I read the right Scriptures and prayed (more on that later). But to no avail. Well, there would be a little avail, but not a lot. And the panicky feelings just got deeper and more frequent.

I realized I need to work on this proactively.

As long as I am granted the gift of a new day, I will continue to face hard things. Perhaps with my health, or my children, or my parents, or jobs, or future, or or or…. Yep, life is full of or or or’s. We don’t know the future. We DO know that good things can happen, but we also know that bad things can happen, too.

It is my goal not to live in fear or dread of those things which may or may not happen, not to fret over things I cannot control, and to live well through the bad things that do happen.

So I decided to embark upon an “Anxiety-Busting Boot Camp” except it’s more of a gentle thing than boot camp. Maybe it’s more like an “Anxiety-Taming Love-In”? Yes, I like that better.

What I hope to do in the next few weeks (months?) of my blog is to explore aloud the things I have been discovering this past month in the hopes that it will be helpful to others.

There is much I am still working through, and many thoughts are not yet in an organized post-able condition. But that’s okay. I’m taking my time. And when I learn something that I think might be encouraging to others, I will prayerfully share it.

“Why share at all?” you ask? Recently I did an internet search of something I experienced – and found so many posts from people who are suffering what I suffer, and much much more. And my heart went out for them all. How much suffering there is in the world! And so much of it comes from our own heads and hearts! That in itself has spurred me on to share. Sure, I would love for people to think I’ve got it all together, but seriously, I don’t think I’ve fooled too many people so far. (I mean, really, Galadriel?!) So why not open my heart in the hopes that others will feel less alone, and perhaps find something encouraging to think about. I know that I am encouraged when I hear what others share.

So here we go! All we’ve got to lose is fear and anxiety. And who knows what we’ll gain? It could be something good. But one thing is for certain, there will absolutely be more Lord of the Rings references.

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