Merry Christmas!

He left heaven and came to earth.
I would never do that. I would never leave
my perfect home, put on flesh with all its
limitations, live among broken people,
and die for them.
But that’s why Christmas, or rather Christianity,
isn’t about me.
It’s about what he did for humanity
all of us – the brokenhearted, the fearful,
the sick,
the dropouts, the over anxious, the over involved,
the under loved,
the woman who cries at every hymn,
and the man who never smiles –
He came for all of us. He knows our pain.
He knows our struggles.
He saw it with human eyes and felt it with human skin.
And his divinity made a way to bring us back
with him
to his perfect home
where we’ll never be asked to leave.

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