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The flip side.

In the book, Anxiety – Anatomy and Cure, the author Robert Kellemen makes the observation: “…every dysfunctional, fallen emotion is a distortion of God’s original, pre-fall design. God intended for us to experience a mood that is the flip side … Continue reading

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I will take the Ring of Anxiety to Mordor. Though… I do not know the way.

Calm, cool, and collected. Lauren Bacall. Eowyn. Galadriel. One tall, cool drink of water. Yeah, that’s me. That’s totally me. Except when I’m not. Then I’m more like Gladys Kravitz, Piglet, or The Panicky Guy. But usually, I’m emotionally average. … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

He left heaven and came to earth. I would never do that. I would never leave my perfect home, put on flesh with all its limitations, live among broken people, and die for them. But that’s why Christmas, or rather … Continue reading

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Poem: Weight of the World

Weight of the World Big enemies get our full attention heavy they must be dealt with silenced their tonnage put to rest And then in the new silence (after the rejoicing) you hear the smaller voice of fear, the background … Continue reading

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Happily (sometimes bravely and sometimes not) flying my kite…

I painted this one after being inspired by the book Genevieve and the Kite by Jennifer Edwards. I recommend it! (The book AND painting a kite!) Art inspires art… the words on the painting are Jennifer’s. (Thank you, Jennifer, for … Continue reading

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Foul Play

I’ve never seen a basketball foul I’ve never seen a football hold Oh, I’ve seen the flags and heard the whistles and watched the penalties enacted But I’ve never seen the crime I’ve watched the slow motion replays I’ve had … Continue reading

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Two Ducks

Stumbling on a secluded scene I give a bashful nod. Neither turns a head towards me nor asks me where I’ve trod. They are content, the two of them, with making water songs. And swimming circles ’round each other in … Continue reading

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