Blurry logic

I recently learned that when attempting to paint a realistic portrait, you should pick a point of the picture that will be in sharp focus and other parts for softer focus (fuzzy even). On most portraits, it is usually the eyes in sharp focus. The hair and such are softer. The background is softer still. If the entire face was in perfect focus, it wouldn’t look real. It may be a lovely work of art, or it may be creepy, but whatever it is it isn’t realistic.

Which is similar for photography. When I’m taking a photo of a face or flower, I chose which part of the picture that I want in focus, and which part I want soft. When I do it right, it’s lovely. I especially like the soft focus parts. I find them inviting and true to how we see things – one thing in focus at a time.

Because our eyes aren’t made to see everything at once. Not faces, not flowers, and not God.

If I could grasp everything about God, if I could see all of him at once in perfect focus, it would be like looking at an unrealistic portrait or a shallow photograph. Maybe lovely, maybe creepy, but definitely not realistic.

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