They say that sometimes hyperventilating
is panic
over being out of breath

You are too fearfully
of your own breathing to breathe normally

The paper bag they give you to breathe
only serves to help you distract yourself

Until you aren’t thinking about
not breathing
but about the bag in your face

How it inflates and deflates
and smells
until “I’m ready to go play some more.”

Did you know you can hyperventilate
on a thought
by thinking about thinking about it

Until a hyper-contemplative, macro-focus
turns everything around you into blur

Ironically, you will calm down
if you concentrate
on your own breathing

In and out, slowly, intentionally
your breath
becomes the paper bag of distraction

Until your mind settles still and your view
beyond yourself

And that is only
one half
of prayer.

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5 Responses to untitled

  1. leafstrewngirl says:

    I love this: “And that is only one half of prayer.”

  2. parkgang says:

    there is a prayer I use to calm me down, it is an ancient prayer by the early church. it is called the Jesus prayer. As I inhale I say “Lord Jesus Christ, son of God” then I reverse my lungs and exhale “Have Mercy on me, a sinner”. I keep doing this till I regain focus and feel the need to call Christ. Great read Alice …. keep creating

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