No smile for you, Tuesday.

No smile for you, Tuesday.
I do not approve of your ways.
You hide behind Monday –
At least Monday has some drive,
some get-up-and-go behind it.
You have nothing.
You have nothing, Tuesday.

You are the left over to-do list
The things that weren’t important enough for Monday.
You are miles left on the road trip
and all out of gas.
I’m glad I’m not a Tuesday.

You are tired bones, sore muscles,
sleepy eyes, and unpleasant tasks.
You are filler, fodder, so unloved
that you don’t even have a nickname.
How does that make you feel, Tuesday?
You make Hump Day look good.

Cowardly, Tuesday,
hoping nobody notices.
Hoping they are too angry with Monday
to see your dullness, your flaws.
At least Thursday has the candy sprinkles of
almost being Friday.
You are all crust, and no pie.
Nobody loves you, Tuesday.

But I have news for you, Tuesday –
I’ve noticed
I see you hiding
I feel your heavy hand
and I’m outing you for the bully
that you are.

And what really makes me sick –
the icing on the cake
is that I just found out
today is Wednesday.

I’ll blame Tuesday for that.

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3 Responses to No smile for you, Tuesday.

  1. Amanda G says:

    You made me giggle 🙂

  2. postalice says:

    Yeah, just when I get a good rant going, I realize my mistake. I wonder if God laughs at me as much as I do.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tuesday’s child is full of woe.

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