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Sometimes I like it blurry, glasses-off haze edges softened hidden in fog, I squint a safer distance from you Advertisements

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So many loose ends tangled strangled need more knots Somebody knot me

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May 1st

May 1st For sixty years she kept up with the dates. He said he missed her especially today Because he couldn’t ask her What day it was she died.

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No smile for you, Tuesday.

No smile for you, Tuesday. I do not approve of your ways. You hide behind Monday – At least Monday has some drive, some get-up-and-go behind it. You have nothing. You have nothing, Tuesday. You are the left over to-do … Continue reading

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Summer plans

“Watch this! Mom, watch this! Did you see? Watch this, watch this, watch this…” and the summer passes with those who have young children. Can I spend a summer not asking my friends and family to “watch this!”? I’m not … Continue reading

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“No one loves the messenger who brings bad news,” Sophocles

Inescapably Predisposed Mothers and fathers are such easy targets so much easier to hit than God, they are the broad side of the barn And they deserve to be hit with all their imperfections and demands for our perfection while … Continue reading

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