Time travel

He was tanner
and frankly
much younger

But then,
so was I

I would have loved
to love him
back when we were young

But the truth we whisper
to each other
is that it wouldn’t have worked
if we’d met in our youth

We would have been nice to each other
because we are nice
But I wasn’t ready
for someone to treat me so well
and he says
he wasn’t ready to be that man

Too bad
we can’t take what we know now
pack our bags
and head into the past

But what about the children?

We wouldn’t give them up
for any back-in-time bliss
And that makes our years apart softer

But we can, however
look at old photos
smile and cry
and be grateful for today

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One Response to Time travel

  1. Wendy Hoag says:

    Alice, I feel these emotions you paint like an ache in my heart.

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