David Mitchell wasn’t available, so you’ll have to do.

I’m about to explode. I’m reading the book, Cloud Atlas, and it’s really got me thinking about things. And I need to talk about those things. And here you are reading my blog! (Thank you for being here)

Throughout the book, no matter how advanced society becomes, people are greedy sons of bitches. People are selfish. People are violent. This is true in our real world as well. There is a Barbarian seed in every person in every generation.

Why do I think this? Because each generation ignores it’s own atrocities. We pick the sins to be outraged by, and ignore the ones that benefit us now and that the next new culture will likely scorn us for. I differ from the book in that the author seems to be saying that the more advanced the society, the more Barbarian their crimes. But I don’t think humanity as a whole evolves or devolves – the crimes are the same, they just rotate from one part of the world to another, one generation to another. For instance, isn’t it interesting that we are outraged by the sex-slave market and at the same time feel justified to legally kill babies? We are capable of righteous indignation and horrendous cruelty all at the same time.

But the thing is, (and this is my Barbarian seed, well, one of them that I am aware of) if I spend my day thinking about the people we kill in-womb, and all those suffering in the slave markets and in other ways, I can’t function in a peaceful state of mind. We self-blind ourselves to our generations crimes until we are forced to face them by those who are willing to “not function in a peaceful state of mind.” (Revolutionaries. Kill them first, adopt their principles later. And repeat.)

Which makes me wonder, why would God love creatures like us? We kill, we hate, we lie, we lie to ourselves, we love amusement more than truth. Age after age, it’s the same. You may point out that we also create beauty, we love, we give, we nurture. Yes, thank goodness we do! But I don’t think our good points are what makes God love us.

Think of your own children. Do you only love them when they make their beds without being asked? Do you stop loving them when they hit each other for no reason? No. They do bad things. You love them. They do good things. You love them. You love them all the time because they are yours. They came from you. Point blank. God’s point blank love… but that’s for another post.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I still have half a book to read and so much house work to ignore. And don’t tell me how the book ends! I want to be surprised.

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