The Sweet Life

Should I keep the half can of soda
or pour it out?
It’s not life or death.
I keep it or I don’t.
Because for me,
it’s always life.

But not for everybody,
I imagine –

For one, it could be the last drink
for days.
The last liquid to pass their lips
until help arrives
until the clues are followed
the s.o.s heard
the rescuers arrive with food
and water.


For another, it could be the final ounce of sugar
that puts them over the edge
convulsions of some pancreatic kind
hands steadied
meds given
a moment too close for comfort.

Life or death.

But not for me.
It’s just life.
So far, it’s always life.
That, and fleeting preference.

I pour out the soda and fix tea.

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