HWJDU (How Would Jesus Dump You)

Maybe this is true only for women, or maybe it’s true only for me, but sometimes I get a little clingy and panicky in my relationships. That’s when I have to say out loud to myself, “Alice, where are your feet?” It reminds me that I am okay (“solid okay”) because God loves me no matter what.

But an interesting thought occurred to me today: Would Jesus ever respond to me with, “Wow, Alice, you are really getting clingy. In fact, you are smothering me with your neediness. Could you back off a little?”

I don’t think he would. And it delights me how the thought reveals my… not-so-on-target thoughts.

I’m also tickled that there may be a poem in there somewhere. Maybe one of you can find it and write it out? All I’ve got so far is:

And Jesus spake unto her,
“Back off, woman,
I’m trying to watch the game.”

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5 Responses to HWJDU (How Would Jesus Dump You)

  1. postalice says:

    Thank you to my friend who worried that something was wrong in Paradise (my home). Let me assure you all that my husband has never told me to back off. No worries! (smooches)

  2. postalice says:

    …. although I can’t say he hasn’t thought it….. 😉

  3. Just fyi, I nominated you for Very Inspiring Blogger Award. 🙂 Keep up the good stuff.

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