A poem a day for December, Poem 29

I love the long cotton nightgowns
women wore years ago,
or at least,
so the movies say.

They bounce, with small touches
of ruffle and ribbon
and drape soft and clean
on every form
like pure white sheets.
And some, the best ones,
cinch at the waist
alerting you to amble hips
and healthy bosom.

I am certain
I would be a purer soul
if I wore long cotton nightgowns.

But my favorite movie evening wear
or rather, bed wear,
is the satin silk gowns
from our more recent past,
or at least,
so the movies of the 40’s say.

They whisk over small breasts
smoothly and gently
and glide gracefully down
simple hips
and subtle bottoms and long legs
to finally puddle over high heel slippers.

I wonder
when I watch these women
moving and bending and standing and sitting
in the most luscious shimmer
why their undergarments are never evident.
Not a pantie line or bra strap
and yet, never is a nipple suggested
or any other misadventure
that satin tends to take
when left to its own devices.
Just pure smooth radiant waves.

But such is the fantasy of movies, I guess,
and why I, I suppose,
I dream about nightgowns.

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