A poem a day for December, Poem 28

October 21, 1953 – July 28, 1982

In a few more pages he’ll be dead
I dread it
Not that it’s a surprise,
he was dead before I met him

I remember seeing him for the first time –
two babies in his arms,
a toddler on his shoulders,
and on the back of the album,
a lamb

It’s unsettling
turning the pages
knowing when somebody will die

The other day we were all playing a
“would you rather” game
and the question posed was,
“Would you rather know everyone else’s future
and not be able to tell them,
Or your own?”

Neither, of course

I don’t want to know my future
But I think it would be easier
to make peace with my own Date
than to know everyone else’s

How awful would it be
to know how many pages
each person you meet has left?
How could you look them in the eye
and have a normal conversation?
It would be as if they were dead
before you met them.

Draw Me, Keith Green
There is a Redeemer, Keith Green

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One Response to A poem a day for December, Poem 28

  1. jenpedwards says:

    I remember vividly the day Keith Green died. I was my birthday. Other than the year that my dear grandmother Catherine died on my birthday, it was the saddest birthday. I saw him in concert. Loved his music.

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