A poem a day for December, Poem 20

Family Game Night

I read the Bible
when I’m looking to
prove somebody wrong

Instead of a slow
steady pace, dotted
with pauses of wonder
and thoughtfulness
or confession

I speed read
for proofs
not pausing for a moment
until I find the
victory strike
I am looking for

As if I’m searching
the rules of Monopoly
to prove, aha
you do to have to go to jail
after rolling doubles
3 times in a row
(and you may not pass go
and collect two-hundred dollars)

I admit
an exhilaration
in doctrinal debate
But after fist pounding words
onto a screen
A sadness comes over me

Was I fair?
Was I gracious?
Was I a good sport?
Or have I completely
lost sight
of family game night.

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