A poem a day for December, Poem 18

(3 Poems)

I remember making up songs
when I was alone
out in the way back yard
near the ditch
and the popcorn tree
and being surprised
by a girl
a little older than me
that I didn’t know well
who quickly began
evaluating my song
“Pretty good, but not great.”
We were friends
for a short while
but she wasn’t
my type.


Some mornings you know,
even before getting out of bed,
that it is going to be a
business only day.
And smiling is not part of the business.

I decided it might be best
if I kept quiet about my prediction
because too many unfriendly thoughts
were brewing
and they might escape
if given half the chance.

Then I heard him
from the other room
singing to himself
the words to an old
Ronny Milsap song

And it turns out
I smiled
even before
the coffee was done.


I found the words “do not fear”
written on the back
of an old Food Lion receipt –
written in my handwriting.

I turned it over to check the date
then checked the calendar for a clue
as to what was going on
when I scribbled the words
so hurriedly.
Nothing, as far as I could see.
Just another Monday.

And so I figure
it must have been
one of those days
when everything feels like Goliath
and I didn’t have any stones.

But I must have known
that everything was going to be okay
otherwise why would I tell myself
not to fear?
The note would have said,
“Run” or “Give up” or “Buy more wine”

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One Response to A poem a day for December, Poem 18

  1. jenpedwards says:

    If you are getting weary, then it must be exhaustion from hitting so many homeruns! Love all three!

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