A poem a day for December, Poem 17

What portion of humanity
goes to the mall
the week before Christmas?

Is it the same type
who doesn’t see the light turn green
because they are bent over
searching for something on the floorboard?

Are they the people
who consistently forget
to pick out their side items
before they place their order?

Are they the same kinds of people
who say
“Yes, I’m ready to go.”
when they mean,
“As soon as I find my shoes and go to the bathroom”?

If so,
I’ll see them at the mall today.


Bonus poem:

If we are being forced
these days
to print our own
and bring them to the appointment
with us
then I should tell you
that sometimes
those forms
may be a little sticky
with orange juice.

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2 Responses to A poem a day for December, Poem 17

  1. jenpedwards says:

    Bahahaha! Laughed. Out. Loud.

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