A poem a day for December, Poem 10

The Battle at 2:00 a.m.

Mean thoughts broke in last night –
Sneaked up on sleeping Peace
And blew a whistle right in his ear

Peace woke up Startled,
Confused, and Disoriented
and stared into Mean’s ugly eyes

“Everything is Wrong,” Mean said
“And Everything is your fault.”
Then it smiled and just sat back.

Sleep fled at this point
(It hates Confrontation)
And cowered somewhere in the closet

“Everything is my fault,”
Peace repeated, Doubtfully
And Doubtful took his cue

“Yes, it is your fault,” Doubtful said sadly
“Everything. Everything you can possibly think of.
I’ll wait while you think of Everything.”

Peace tried thinking of good things
But Everything turned dark and scary
Even happy thoughts became Doubtful

“Whatever things are Lovely…”
Peace tried to turn the tables
“Think of things that are Lovely!”

But Lovely kept Distorting.
“I’ll try Thankful,” Peace whispered
“Thankful is very powerful.”

It was a Terrible battle
With Mean and Doubt throwing Everything it had
But Thankful persevered and countered even the Meanest thought

Sleep began peeking out of the closet
But Doubt wasn’t done yet
And Peace was so very weary

Then suddenly Humor walked in
(He always comes in with Surprise)
It was amazing to see how fast Doubt can run.

Mean decided it wasn’t worth hanging around
He looked at the calendar
And knew he’d be back again soon

But Peace rolled over and Calmly smiled
While Humor tiptoed out
Pulling Surprise along with him

And Sleep climbed back into bed.

The End.

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