Cooking Clothes

This is the shape of my foot:

This is the shape of my shoe:

You see the problem, don’t you? One is a triangle at the toe, the other is square. To wear these shoes I have to fit a square toe into a triangle shoe.

I am determined to wear these shoes to a wedding this weekend. Why? Because: One, the shoe is more elegant than my bare foot; Two, because I already own them; and Three, they go with my dress. And speaking of my dress, I’ll be packed and compressed for that, too. But I’ll spare you the photos.

Isn’t this just how life is? The shoe isn’t the shape of the foot. The foot isn’t the shape of the shoe. Who’s fault is it? The shoe or the foot? Or the person who bought the shoe? (reflect on how this is just like life, and whose fault it is)

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “To heck with the shoes, be comfortable! Wear clothes that feel good!” And I agree with you, mostly.

Most of the time I do wear comfortable clothes. Most of the time I wear flats and clothes with ample … storage space. Most of the time I’m a casual pj’s-on-after-dinner girl.

But this is a special occasion. Someone is getting married and my husband will be in a tux. I want to be dressed my best. too.

So my goal is to wear the darn shoes. Which is why I mashed potatoes in them today. Which is why I wore them while mashing potatoes today. The plan is to gradually break them in – to make the shoes stretch and my feet toughen up. But gradually, so as not to be too painful. (reflect on the success or failure of gradual adjustments made to meet a goal)

We’ll see. Maybe the shoes will be more comfortable in three days. Maybe not. But I still have no idea how I’m going to tolerate wearing the corset under my dress all day. I should probably go put it on while I finish cooking dinner. I might be able to stretch it out and carve the ham.

(no need to reflect)


Mashing potatoes in my shoes:

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  1. They look great! AND this is completely great. ♥

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