un-because (my apologies to Amway)

Have you ever had a friend sell Amway? Were they your friend before they started selling it? If so, you’re probably safe. But if you became their friend after they started selling it, you may often wonder if their interest in you is business related or personal. You may always wonder, “Will they continue to be my friend if I am thoroughly uninterested in their business?”  Maybe they are like the Baptists who never take you off their prayer list. They will pray for your salvation until the day you (or they) die. Tenacious group, those Baptists.

But back to Amway. I do have friends who can do the “sell to everyone you know” approach very well. They let you know what they are selling, and then leave you alone. They don’t hunt you or haunt you. They don’t pretend to really care about you when they don’t. They are honest, hard working people, as the saying goes.  More power to them.

Those who do it well can see themselves apart from their business. I think this is were life is better when things are not seamless. Work and Social have a line dividing them, it may be fuzzy at times, and they may overlap, but there’s no confusion as to when they’re on the clock and when they’re simply spending time with a friend.

What I’m saying is, they are not always Mr. or Ms. Amway.  They can simply be themselves.

I feel like we are defining ourselves by our causes.  Perhaps because it’s an election year.  Or maybe it’s always this way, but I, for one, would like to quit living the Cause Filled Life.

I don’t want my beliefs to become my causes.  I want them to become my life.   Beliefs lived out in peace with myself and God, and whoever else can tolerate me.  Beliefs are inward personal decisions.  Causes are battle-geared and emotionally, if not physically, violent. I don’t want to fight people to see things my way.

And I really don’t want to defend your causes either.   I don’t have that much passion.  Causes require a certain amount of anger and righteous indignation.  I can’t sustain that kind of energy for long.  It makes me tired … and cynical.

Yes, it’s good to give money to help fight diseases. Yes, it’s good to support and encourage those you love. But we are not defined by our causes.  At least, I don’t want to be.  I am more than  what I am for or against.  So are you.  We are so much more significant than our causes.

But back to Amway.  Please don’t ask me to sell Amway.  Well, you can ask.  But just do it once.

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2 Responses to un-because (my apologies to Amway)

  1. Wow, this is really great, Al! I loved it!

  2. Reblogged this on the beautiful humble and commented:
    Alice always has such interesting perspectives. I am resharing her thoughts here because to me she presents them beautifully. (optional)

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