Things I want to do one day because … I have no idea why.

Some people want to run marathons. Some people want to travel the world. I have other challenges I want to attempt, other goals I want to meet. Here’s my list of Things I Want To Do One Day:

1. Spend a full day without sitting down (except to pee and such).

2. Spend a full day (24 hours) outdoors (no matter what the weather) in a lawn chair in the backyard. Bio breaks allowed. Blankets, too.

3. Spend a day blindfolded and alone in my house.

4. Fast for 24 hours (water allowed). Never mind. Scratch that one.

5. Spend 8 hours in the kitchen cooking and baking w/o interruption.

6. A silence weekend, in that I can’t talk for 48 hours. Should I let myself text? No. Absolutely no texting OR emailing. Ouch…

7. The “spend a full 24 hours outdoors in a lawn chair” thing except on the beach in the summer. Sunscreen and hat allowed. Preferably with a buddy.

8. Spell everything I say for a day. F U N F O R M E, N O T S O M U C H F O R E V E R Y O N E E L S E.

9. Listen to a foreign language for a full day. No English allowed.

10. Eat nothing but soup(s) for a full week.

11. Wear pj’s an entire weekend. Oh wait….

12. Sit in the sun at a park and write 5 handwritten pages (college ruled, single spaced, doodles allowed) of things I’m grateful for. Then mail it to somebody. Ask them to do the same to me. (anybody interested?)

13. Eat EVERYTHING in the house before going to buy more food. Old crackers count. Spoiled food doesn’t. Prepare for this by buying a good supply of frozen veggies so I won’t be stuck with nothing but old crackers for 2 days. (Tried this one before with the kids several years ago. Having no fruit or veggies in the house and then the kids getting the flu during our experiment made it a very sad trial. Re-do!!)

14. Flush only for #2. Maybe that’s a good habit anyway when I’m at home alone…

15. Looks like I’m running out of ideas. I’ll end it here. What are the physical challenges you would like to do? Make a list! Show me!

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