plot twist

If you know me, you’ve heard me talk about one of my favorite writers. He amazes me every time I read him. And as a bonus I get to do his laundry and cook his meals. Yeah, my kid, Andy. He has written many stories, and has even more in his head that he hasn’t put on paper. At this writing he is 16 years old.

So today I was writing my obligatory 750 words and I was dry. Nothing happening on the ole keyboard except blood. My son, Andy, was in the other room doing something so I called him over and told him I needed some words, could he please come over here and talk to me. He talked. I typed. We laughed. Here it is. I hope you enjoy it.

And now, Andy’s adventure.
One time, there was this guy and he wasn’t a guy. Because he was a Dragon! And um like most dragons, he ate guys. It’s important to know he wasn’t a guy. Because if he was a guy, he might eat himself and he didn’t do that. Well not until the end of the story. So one day there was a knight, and he had a sword. He liked to stab things with it. And you know dragons are things, right? So the dragon lived in a big scary cave beyond a forest and the knight had to walk through the forest to get to the dragon so he could stab the dragon. So while he was in the woods he saw a wolf, and it wasn’t just a wolf, it was half person half wolf. A vampire, I think. And it um, it had a picnic with him, but it wasn’t a good picnic because it was in the woods and there wasn’t much sun, and not much breeze, and breeze is nice for picnics. So um he left the vampire after the picnic was over and the vampire gave him lots of mayonnaise. So eventually the knight got to the cave and there was the dragon. When the knight was ready to stab it, the dragon knocked his sword out of his hand and it landed in a volcano. His sword, not his hand. Um then the dragon was going to eat the knight and you think the dragon is going to eat the knight, don’t you, but then the knight had an awesome idea. Plot twist. The knight poured mayonnaise, all of his lots of mayonnaise, on the dragon. Then the dragon ate himself. The end.

And at the end he said to me, “And that’s how a four year old tells a story.”

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