Who died and made you Grand Mood Determiner? You’d think people around here aren’t allowed to be… I mean…..why… I mean… go… I mean… uhhh! (stomp off in a silent rage)

And scene.

I’ve noticed something lately. I’m moody. More moody than my usual moody. I plunge more quickly from a happy state to a pissy state. Probably the reverse is also true, but nobody complains about that.

I’m sure I have the usual things to blame: Hormones, lack of sleep, stress, people, aging, winter, people. But even with valid reasons to be grumpy, who really wants to be grumpy? I don’t. I don’t like being grumpy. It makes me grumpy.

And spiral.

I have a theory as to what really triggers my moodiness. I think my bad moods start when I focus on an event as if it were the end of the story. That is, I don’t see the big picture relationship/situation. I only see an obstacle and it feels huge. It feels like the end of the story. The obstacle feels bigger than the road.


So I’m coming up with a plan to help stop the bad thought from becoming the bad mood from becoming the bad day. Things to remember when I’m feeling that dreadful plunging feeling.

1. Focus on the road. Remember that something that aggravates you is not the road – it’s an obstacle. Think about the blessing of being where you are right now.

2. Ask yourself how you can overcome the obstacle that is making you angry. For example, if you are pissed because somebody leaves their Magic Cards all over the living room floor (for example), then it is your responsibility to communicate that. Or, let’s say you just burnt the pizza while writing a blog (for instance), you may be angry because lunch is ruined. Valid. But next time set the timer for 10 minutes earlier and don’t tune out the timer (for instance). Find solutions.

3. Give up. No, I don’t mean let people run over you I mean, do you really want to spend the energy it takes to be angry about something stupid? Wouldn’t you rather do something productive or fun? Laziness has it’s benefits and anger is exhausting.

4. Roll with it. This is different than giving up. This is giving in – letting yourself be angry. Sometimes there is nothing you can do about a bad mood. You have to ride it out. Thankfully, my mouth tends to clamp shut when I’m angry, so I have fewer words to repent of afterward. The silent treatment has it’s benefits as well.

5. Take a nap.

6. Broadcast it to those around you. Alert the media. Tell God and the people around you that you aren’t feeling yourself. “I’m grumpy and I don’t want to be!” works. Show your cards.

8. Blog about it. Thusly.

Wow, that was good for me. Was it good for you? And speaking of you, what do you do to de-rail a bad mood? I’d love to hear your thoughts and strategies.

Now to get the burnt pizza smell out of the house.

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