Five Poems

I want to be the sea
serene blue water
darker than the Caribbean
lighter than the Baltic
quiet water
but not glass still
movement of something beneath
motion and power and life
deep deep
even deeper beneath
while above
sea gulls and boats
my lips
and tickle my cheek
I want to be the sea


The sun is up
and my day begins
the clouds and leaves
and birds and ground
going about their lives
while I stretch
and the worms
busy at their work
doing wormy things
never questioning
their front from their back.


two new bird feeders
not yet discovered
the winter isn’t harsh enough
for handouts


I see a picture I want to paint
it’s a view
from the bathtub
but I don’t want it to be me
just a form
tummy, legs, water
splotchy blocks of paint
hiding my body
like bubbles.


white linen flowing
down from the ceiling,
a cascade of fabric,
sheer but solid enough
to let the light in
and block the view of me
at my computer.

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