#16, And that’s why I need Jesus

Yay! I’ve finally reached the end of my list! Remind me never to do a series this long again. Unless I want to, then mind your own business.

“And that’s why I need Jesus” started this way… (swirly flashback)

I was in a Bible study class one Sunday morning and the teacher suddenly went off on a tangent and made a comment about another group of people… Methodists maybe.. I don’t remember. It wasn’t a hateful comment, just something unkind. He caught himself and stopped and said, “And that’s why I need Jesus.” Then he went right back on with the lesson.

The thing that surprised me most was how easily he was able to continue. I know this person. He has a very tender heart and cares deeply about people. I kind of thought he would beat himself up a little before he moved on. But he didn’t. He recognized his sin and realized once again that he needs a savior.

This was mind blowing for me. Could I recover from my failings like that, so simply and so quickly? Of course I know I need a savior, I’m very aware of my self-protective and defiant heart, but can I just accept the fact that God knows this about me already and because of that very fact he made a way for me to have peace with him? Wouldn’t he want me to move on when I realize I’ve blown it and get on with doing the stuff I’m here to do.

Do I really think that beating myself up after I fail adds to Jesus’s sacrificial death for me? Do I really think Jesus is saying to me, “Oh gee, Alice, I would forgive you of your sins, like I do for all who call upon my name, but in your case I need you to feel really really bad about your goof-ups for a little while first. Let’s say you mope and disengage into your shame for about… oh… I guess about two days ought to do it. Then we’ll be square. K… gotta run.”

Yup, whenever I say that I’m too broken for my faith to be effective, I’m saying that God isn’t powerful enough to do what he said he would do. I’m saying that my stuff is bigger than God. That’s kooky talk.

If God is able to save sinners, then I’m included. And when I feel like I have to add to his plan by playing poor ole’ guilty me, I’m missing the point. And that’s why I need Jesus.

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One Response to #16, And that’s why I need Jesus

  1. parkgang says:

    And that is why I need Jesus ,too ,well written Alice

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