#15 Cry when it hurts

Wow! #15! Only one more to go after this in my list of … things to do or don’t do. (see this post for the original intent)

“Cry when it hurts.”

I used to think you should only cry if really bad things happened. Really really bad things. Unfortunately, my emotions think something different. They say to cry “like all the time”. I’m not talking about sad tears only. I cry when I’m happy, moved, sad, hurt, sick, slicing onions… I cry a lot. Only I don’t sob much.

Sobbing is different. I should change the title of this post to “Sob when it hurts”.

Something very good happens to me after I cry my heart out. I feel better. I may even laugh a little. Or sometimes I’ve just let a little pressure out of the cooker. Those are good feelings!

Something very bad happens to me if I hold it in. My stomach starts to hurt. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I become very agitated, like a wounded animal. And worst of all I lose my footing. I forget who I am.

Crying is my admission that I am human, that I can’t fix every problem. I need help – help to fix the problem and help to deal with what can’t be fixed. And crying re-introduces me to God – to his compassion, his comfort, his safety. I think that’s it right there – safety. When I remember who I am, I feel safe again.

Cry when it hurts.

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