12. Don’t be friends with mean people

Yeah, yeah, sure, mean people need friends, too. And everybody is mean sometimes. I’m talking about full time mean people.

The kind of people who have cold “don’t give a damn” ways and distaste for authority and rejection of delicate social norms. Wow, that kind of strength can be so appealing.

If you agree with the previous sentence, now is a good time to ask yourself why.

I’m sure there are many reasons mean people can be appealing: You can ride on the coat-tails of someone tougher than yourself, or vicariously live out your own problems with authority, or pity them and make them a project to win over, etc. Many valid reasons. Many valid reasons to talk to your therapist about.

You see, the problem with being friends with mean people is they always need someone to be mean to. And look, there you are. How convenient. Why do you think you deserve that kind of treatment? Another valid question for your therapist.

But therapists aside, there is good way to tell whether someone in your life is a mean person you should not be friends with. Ask yourself this: Would I want my child to be friends with this kind of person and be treated in this way? If not, run.

Yeah, yeah, sure, Jesus loves mean people, too. And you should do what you think is right in that friendship. But taking crap from people doesn’t always score you holy points. Sometimes it just makes you a toilet. Don’t be a toilet. You are entirely too beautiful for that.

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2 Responses to 12. Don’t be friends with mean people

  1. Anonymous says:

    AND sometimes those mean people string you along making you think that they are nice and your friend and then BAME they take you down if it makes them look good! Good post! I needed it:)

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