#4, Imperfections make you more approachable (especially zits)

#4 in my list of Personal Rules and Mantras is simple. It means imperfections make you more approachable. Especially zits.

The same is true with a less than perfect home. I am so much more at ease at a friend’s house when it’s got that lived in look. Here live real people! Scoot those newspapers over, I’m sitting down.

The point is why stress over imperfections?

My biggest challenge here is stressing over my writing mistakes. Zits don’t upset me too much, but typos and mis-quotes and mixed metaphors… GAH! (I’ve pretty much given up stressing about punctuation. As long as I’m understood, I don’t really care where the comma goes.) (I think I mis-used a comma in the previous sentence, but I’m not sure.) (And does the period go after the parenthesis or before?) (Before, I think.) (Comma question again!) (And what is one parenthesis called?)

See. I’m completely over it.

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