This morning I woke up
Standing in dark cool water
Lapping at my ankles
Clouds swirling
And seagulls crying

The vast stretch of
Calls me to wade in
‘The water’s fine’
But there are sharks
And I know that –
Their fins and gulps
Visible from shore –
Though the thought
Only makes me want
To venture in even more

Eyes narrow
“To hell with sharks”
I think as the water
Laps and my heart
Gets heavier
Wanting the waves
To cover me
While seagulls cry

I pause to cry along
Only an instant
When the wind
Turns my chin
Away from the sea
And to the sea oats
Sunning on warm dunes
And I remember
Oh, yes,
I don’t swim with sharks

I pull off the covers
Lightly step downstairs
And make the coffee.

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One Response to

  1. postalice says:

    Perhaps should be titled “on the verge of a bad mood”.

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