Come up with your own title.

We’re moving my daughter to her new apartment today. “We” being my husband and eldest son. “MY daughter” meaning, his step-daughter.

So… my husband is helping me move his stepdaughter today. It’s going to be hot. It’s one of his few days off from work. There are a lot of sports on TV today. His knees hurt. He hasn’t complained once.

I love that about him.

AND, he’s never even suggested that he stay home. I would certainly understand if he had suggested it. But he hasn’t.

Now I ask you, why would a man leave his quiet peaceful life, his beautiful new townhouse, his “everything is put where I want it and it will stay that way” life and marry me? Why would he take on my four children (yes, they are wonderful), my old cluttered house, my expenses, my “nothing stays where I put it” life, and be happy about it!?

My parents can’t fathom this. At times I can’t either. My only answer is, I must be worth it.

But that’s not where this post is meant to go.

When I ask myself the question, “Why would he give up his old life and join mine?” it always leads me to another question, “Why would Jesus leave heaven to join earthlings?” Why would he leave a place of honor for a place of dishonor? Why would he take on a human body, one that he will always have (although glorified after the resurrection)? Why would he suffer “humiliations galore”, scorn, homesickness to the nth degree, and even death? Why?

Well, I think “I must be worth it” is a bit much. But there is some truth to it. Worth it only because we are made in God’s image. God values us. God loves us.

No we don’t deserve his mercy, but we are worth it. It fits us. We can wear it. We aren’t yesterday’s trash forgotten to be taken out. We are beings made in God’s image. I need that to sink it.

And I need to hustle and get out the door. Got boxes to move.

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